About our items

About our items

Samurai Armor MORISAKI is an on-line store owned and operated by a Japanese armorer.
We strive to offer you the finest authentic products that have been restored to the best of our abilities. Due to the extreme age of many of our products, however, some minor chips and scratchs remain.We decide on whether or not to apply restorative or preservative techniques if the product requires it.After restoration some pieces will be antiqued to lend an authentic look and feel. Especially in the case of Tetsusabiji (laquerwork done to resemble iron), the same technique used in ancient times is applied to prevent iron from rusting and to create a natural iron finish.

• We hope that you will appreciate our work for their aesthetic beauty as well as their historical and cultural significance. We know that purchasing antique works of this nature is sometimes difficult, and if you’ve had problems in the past, rest assured that we stand behind our work 100% and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

• We will provide additional information or images upon request.
If you would like to request further descriptions and images of a certain piece, click “detailed information” below the item, then click the “inquiry” button and fill out the inquiry form.

• Please make sure that you genuinely want the item before placing an order as we will not accept any returns or exchanges; all sales are final. We would like you to remember that antiques by their nature are not perfect and that any imperfections in the piece are a part of it’s historical nature.


1) Preservation: refers to the process of keeping armor from further deterioration, and striving to retain as much of the original materials and shape of a historic property as is possible. An example of preservation would be the application of lacquer coating to original parts with chips and scratches.
2) Restoration: refers to corrective work done to protect armor from further deterioration and return it to as close as possible to its original condition while remaining true to the spirit of the work. This would entail not only the application of lacquer coating on chips or cracks on original parts, but replacing entire parts when necessary. Parts that typically show their age, such as laces, are relaced or replaced.