Affiliated Company

company name : Nishinihon Bugu Katchu Kenkyusho(inc)
(West Japan Armor Research center)
address : 2-7-11 Morisaki biru Nodaya-cho Kita-ku Okayama Japan
tel : 81-86-223-0805
fax: 81-86-223-0806
primary business: production and restoration of Japanese armor
art museums and museums all over the world


1902 The company founder, Tometaro began restoring and repairing japanese armor
1979 The second generation, Masahiro, was awarded the title of authorized armorer by Nihon Katchu Bugu Kenkyu Hozonkai (The Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor)
1980 Nishinihon Bugu Katchu Kenkyusho was established
1994 Masahiro became chairman of the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor society
1995 Masahiro was designated a living national treasure
the present The third generation, Tateki is currently responsible for restoring armor in museums nationwide.