K-27 Kuro-Urushi-Nuri 36-Ken Akoda-Nari Kabuto

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Item K-27 Kuro-Urushi-Nuri 36-Ken Akoda-Nari Kabuto
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* Period
Late Muromachi Period~Azuchi-Momoyama Period (A.D1500~1602)

* Signature
Mitsusada Haruta-Saku

* Akoda style
This type of helmet was very popular in the Muromachi period. (tended to favor)
Samurai began to wear larger helmets to try and gain a competitive edge.
The rounder and bigger front and back part of this helmet was designed for protection during the Nanboku wars.
It is believed that the helmet was named because of the similarity of the shape of the helmet and Akoda-Uri, a type of pumpkin that was rare and imported into Japan at that time.

* Kamon(family crest)
Kamon is gold Makie. It is a crisscross on a circle.
Judging by the Kamon, it seems to have some relationship with Daimyo-Shimazu.

* Condition
The lacquer is slightly scratched, but an additional lacquer coating has been applied and protects the original lacquer from further deterioration.
The lacquer on the back of the Shikoro (neck guard of the helmet) has been restored.
The lacing is in good condition.