Comments from the audience

•Kachu (Japanese armor) is a relic of the Samurai era; a time of social upheaval and political intrigue. The lecture helped me very much in understanding the history and the craftwork of these magnificent pieces of historical art. (Male 60)

•It was very interesting to learn that the armor worn by the samurai over the centuries was incredibly varied and many different kinds of shapes and forms were used for crests, which identified the wearer and reflected his interests and his religious leanings. I think It is important to that we have skilled armorers like Mr Morisaki. (Female 21 ~ 40)

•The lecture was very interesting. Mr. Morisaki's efforts are impressive. I wish the best for him (Male 60)

•I really enjoyed learning about the styles of armor and helmets, which were incredibly varied throughout history. I was very surprised to learn that restoring and making Japanese armor requires many varied, skilled techniques and tremendous effort. (Male 21 ~ 40)

•It was a wonderful opportunity to see and learn about Samurai armor. It is amazing that a single armorer handles every aspect of the restoration process. (Female 60)

•I was deeply impressed. I will go to a book store and purchase some books about Samurai Armor.(Male 60)

•I enjoyed listening to the lecture very much. Restoring japanese armor requires many varied and skilled techniques and materials. It was a great opportunity to learn that Samurai armor is not just to protect warrior's lives but also the spirit of the Samurai. (Female 21 ~ 40)

•I’ve seen many well-known armor at museums and castles around Japan but the lecture has giving me the opportunity to learn (how time consuming and it cost a great deal to restore armor.) and that aroused my interest in armor. (Male 60)

•Thank you very much for showing us authentic Japanese armor. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the history of armor and the difficulty you face in restoring Japanese armor. (Female 41 ~ 60)

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Thank you very much for the hundreds of comments. These are some of them from the audience.

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