The word “Katchu” refers to an entire set of Samurai Armor.The level of perfection, precision and gorgeousness are reflected in the craftmanship of Katchu. The making of a full set of Katchu used to require the work of a group of highly skilled craftsmen. Today a single armorer handles every aspect of the restoration process, and makes original suits of armor as well. Tateki Morisaki has a store and an atelier in Okayama city and is one of only six remaining recognized craftmen in Japan. He has restored many well-known examples of the armorer's art such as Konito Odoshi Oyoroi, owned by Ooyamatsumi shrine and Akagawa Odoshi Oyoroi owned by Okayama Prefectural Museum, both of which have been designated Japanese national treasures. Mr Morisaki‘s grandfather started the business 100 years ago and now the third generation, Tateki is responsible for the business.

Excerpted from Asu Co., Inc. Osera Vol.26