K-47 Kuro-Urushi-Nuri 62-Ken Suji-Kabuto

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Item K-47 Kuro-Urushi-Nuri 62-Ken Suji-Kabuto
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* Period
Early Edo period (A.D.1603~1700)

* Signature
Joshu-Ju Saotome Iemasa
He is an armorer from Saotome school, but the signature is very rare.

* Sikoro (neck guard of a helmet)
The first layer is set hoshi-byo, and it is regarded as Koshimaki.
The second layer and the sixth layer are covered with Japanese brocade.
This Shikoro's structure is very rare.

* Koshimaki
Koshimaki is sheet iron plate wrapping the bottom part of a helmet like a belt.
Koshimaki has an important role to keep a helmet bowl hemispheric.

* Hoshi-Byo
An iron protuberant rivet.

* Kamon(family crest)
Judging by the swallowtail butterfly family crest, it seems to have some relationship with Daimyo Ikeda family.

* Condition
in very good condition.