Y-17 Iroiro-Odoshi Haramaki

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Item Y-17 Iroiro-Odoshi Haramaki
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* Period
Late Muromachi Period (A.D1500~1572)

* Kozane
The main parts of Dou are made of iron Kozane and leather Kozane alternately.
Kusazuri is leather Kozane.

* Waist
Inside dimension is about 59cm.
The waist is slim and it has unique beauty in Late Muromachi period.

* Muna-Ita , Waki-Ita , Oshitsuke-no-Ita
It is the high-quality article which polished the surface of the sharkskin, but it has partial loss for aged deterioration.

* Condition
Although it is damaged slightly and partially repaired, it is in good condition as the work from Muromachi period.